The simple words
Turn around any negative thoughts with only three simple words
25 May, 2021 by
The simple words
Anton de Nijs
Every so often, you come across people who are stuck in a negative thought. Thoughts like "This is never going to work." or "This will never change." Those negative thoughts are not very helpful. It seems this negative thought is the truth. No matter what you do, the situation won't change anymore.

When you come across such a situation next time, three simple words will help you make a different future. These three words are "Up until now."

"Up until now, it never worked" or "Up until now, this has never changed." See what's happening? The three words allow you to write a different future. It opens up any negative thoughts and will enable you to say: "We got here in the past, but we can change it, starting today!".

"Up until now, this has never changed, but I believe we can do it with this team!". "Up until now, I always felt I was not good enough, but now I see that was only in my head!"

Whenever you find someone stuck in a negative viewpoint, try it for yourself. Rephrase their viewpoint with "Up until now" and write a different future together.

The simple words
Anton de Nijs 25 May, 2021
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