Boost your business
with data & AI 

Data and artificial intelligence - AI - are changing the world. A new opportunity for spectacular growth of your organization! You make better decisions, work more efficiently, and your product or service is extra attractive due to artificial intelligence

We empower employees to make the best decisions based on data seamlessly integrated into day-to-day operations. This is what makes us unique.

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Data & AI Coaching

Walk around pitfalls. With our data coaching, you immediately start in a higher gear with data & AI innovations in your organization.

Data & AI Consultancy

The faster you implement, the more you benefit. Strengthen your team with our experienced data & AI experts and accelerate.

Data & AI Projects

Don't leave ideas to dust on the shelf. We help you from concept to implementation. This is how you make a difference for your customer.

Experience quick results with Data & AI and BrainStax

It's almost a cliché: "Data is the new gold." We see data as untapped business potential. By using your data, you capitalize on that potential and convert it into growth.

Get more work done, make better decisions, and better products and services. It's all at your fingertips when you get started with data & AI. And that helps to serve your customers even better.

We capitalize on the untapped potential of data in your organization. Our entrepreneurial consultants have years of experience in a variety of sectors.

Managing data requires a different way of working. We guide your organization in this step by step. In this way, your employees continuously fuse business opportunities and data into acceleration, professionalization, and growth.

Ultimately, the technical solution is only a tool. The benefits only materialise if you use it daily. That is why we also implement the technical solution into your daily operations.

In short, the use of data & AI offers excellent opportunities. Opportunities with which your organization can accelerate, professionalize and grow. BrainStax can help you with this so that you see faster results with data & AI.

"Data experts who speak my language. That's really a relief!"

- one of our customers

We only want satisfied customers

We only use one success factor: 100% customer satisfaction. We work with a dedicated team of the best experts who work  with you, not for  you. This allows us to create the best solutions together.

We bring energy!

We love data! We see countless opportunities for improvement. We only do assignments that give us energy so that together we can accelerate your organization. We use the Solution Focus methodology for this.

We accelerate your organization

We are obsessed with our customers and always think in terms of business opportunities. We also master the technical side. Combined, this accelerates your organization and optimizes your growth potential.